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Mindful Mind and Body

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Class Sessions -- In Person or Video on Wednesday Eve 6-730pm
FAB Fridays Group - Group Call In/Video Sessions for Support and Discussion 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month; 1pm-130pm

In-Depth Mindfulness Training/DBT Session: One hour webinar session providing mindful living skills to better access our wisdom.  Based on the concepts from Marsha Linehan's DBT Skills.

Services Include: Psychotherapy, Coaching, Mindfulness and DBT Skills Training Classes (See Links Below to Register/Inquire) 

The level of services is completely determined by your goals and your situation.  Groups, Webinars, Coaching and Psychotherapy among other services can help you realize your potential, manage your emotions and improve your relationships. Through individual therapy or couples counseling, Mindfulness, Cognitive or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills training, you will clarify your goals and develop strategies for achieving those goals. 

A holistic approach to wellness is vital to achieve your personal best. We will work together to identify areas of your life that may not be as satisfying as you would like or areas that you know you are not performing at your peak. Psychological, physical, sexual and financial health are all interrelated. 
Counseling and Coaching services can address these areas in order to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.
Many insurance plans cover counseling services, check with your plan to be sure of your benefits. 
To Purchase A Package or Service AND/OR To Request More Information Use Links Below: 


To participate in the Friday Group, a donation of $10 or more is suggested.  However, anything over $5 will be sufficient to enroll. This is not a tax-deductible donation.

Premium Mindful Transformation Package - Premium package includes 4 individualized coachings sessions, weekly meditation practice, four personalized review sessions and Mindful Transformation Workbook.
 VIP Package -- Multiple personalized options available depending on your desired goals and motivation! Call for pricing details.

Premium Package Subscription

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Transformational Mindfulness Introduction Package: Individualized Consultation Session, Mindfulness Classes, Two Transformational Coaching Sessions

Mindful Transformation Consult