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Mindful Mind and Body


Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions?
Do you have uncontrollable moods?
Are you struggling with intense feelings of sadness, frustration, anxiety, nervousness and more?
Are your reactions in your relationships out of control?
Do you have issues in your career, life, and/or relationships in general?
Do you wish you had better control over your emotions, moods and your life?

You may have tried many negative, self-defeating coping strategies to deal with these issues. They may make you feel better short term but they don't last long, do nothing to solve the real issues and probably make the situation worse. You may feel flawed, misunderstood or even hopeless. It's not your fault! You are doing the best you can with the skills and strategies you have.

Through DBT and DBT Inspired Skills Classes, we will work to build on your strengths and arm you with new skills and strategies and ways to apply them in your daily life to help you cope with these challenging situations and emotions. It can help you manage instability; negative, judgemental or limited thinking; and relationship issues while validating your feelings. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
 (DBT) is a type of psychotherapy developed in the late 1980's by psychologist Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D., ABPP. It is designed to enhance lives by reducing destructive behaviors and interpersonal patterns, while improving coping and communication skills.
Dialectics - The idea that opposites can coexist or contradicting ideas can exist simultaneously. Recognizing that both points of view in a given situation are valid while at the same time working on balance and acceptance.
Behavior Therapy - The goal of Behavior Therapy is to help people develop and try new ways of thinking, feeling, speaking, coping and doing things. It looks at the present situation and moment in time instead of focusing on the past. Behavior Therapy focuses on the persons beliefs and views not on their personality. The goal is to teach participants new skills and new behaviors to minimize or eliminate the issues. 
Module 1 - Mindfulness: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction works to improve our ability to stay in the moment and focus effectively to reduce suffering and stress.

Module 2 - Distress Tolerance: This will teach you how to deal with difficult feelings without making things worse.

Module 3 - Emotion Regulation: The skills you will learn in this module will help you feel some control over strong emotions through understanding what causes them, how to decrease painful emotions while increasing pleasant ones.

Module 4 - Interpersonal Effectiveness:
 You will gain skills in effective communication within a wide range of relationships from family, to romantic to work.

Group therapy/classes can help you see you are not alone in your struggles. Through the DBT Skills and Mindfulness training you will learn to stay in-the-moment, decrease negative thinking and impulsivity, understand your emotions, communicate more effectively and maintain positive relationships. 
If you are having trouble giving up self-defeating behaviors, then you can benefit from these skills.
Individuals, families, and couples may opt for tailored coaching sessions to supplement their Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Training.

We work together to assess your goals and needs and schedule sessions based on your desired outcomes. These individualized coaching sessions may be covered by your insurance.

Please call 919-859-9768or fill out the form below to register or for further information. 

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Meet The Therapist

Kristen Trolenberg, LCSW
Kristen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 20+ years experience. She specializes in DBT, CBT, relationship problems, stress management and mindfulness.


Class Information

Start Date:Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Schedule: Wednesday Evenings 6pm-7:15pm
Address: 4909-100 Waters Edge Dr
 Raleigh, NC 27606
Details:Classes are held weekly. There are 4 modules with each module lasting 4-6 weeks. The series takes approx. 5 months to complete.
Requirements: Participants must have an individual therapist. If you do not currently have a therapist, Contact Us, to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to be matched with one of our therapists.
Cost: $45/class session
How To Register:Please Call 919-859-9768 or fill out the form to the left


You can purchase the workbook and the handouts and worksheets book below from Amazon.

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Mindful Mind and Body
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