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Class Schedule - Wednesday evenings 6p-7:15p at 4909-100 Waters Edge Dr. Raleigh

Classes are held weekly and series takes approximately 5 months to complete, each module 4-6 weeks; Clients must have an individual therapist to participate.  

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is designed to enhance lives by reducing destructive behaviors and interpersonal patterns, while improving coping and communication skills. 
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction works to improve our ability to stay in the moment and focus effectively to reduce suffering. 
Through the DBT Skills and Mindfulness training you will learn to stay in-the-moment, decrease negative thinking and impulsivity.  If you are having trouble giving up self-defeating behaviors, then you can benefit from these skills. 

Individuals, families and couples may opt for tailored coaching sessions to supplement their Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Training.  We work together to assess your goals and needs and schedule sessions based on your desire outcomes.  These individualized coaching sessions may be covered by your insurance.  Please call for further information.

*For a list of other class providers see the link for "Other Info" on this website menu. 

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